How Student Entrepreneurship is Becoming Popular in the UK

Who hasn’t had a dream of owning his own business? Becoming an entrepreneur isn’t a hard thing; you don’t need a lot of experience to be an entrepreneur.

I suggest that being student is the best time to test your business skills as you have plenty of resources, high network, diversity of expertise with so many other options around you during your student life.

You can get on the right track with so much of the available resource on the chosen industry. And the good news is that now most of the institutes are now affirm to the idea that they are the engines of the economic growth and students are now provided with so much of the support like students entrepreneur clubs, consulting desks, mentoring services and so on.

Now as a result of effective policies and increasing interest of private sector, the things are rapidly changing and students are now more interested in becoming an entrepreneur rather than doing a job.

According to HESA, in early 21st century there are about 1,977 students who become an entrepreneur after two years of graduation and it rises to 4,603 students in 2013 – 14 and now this number has increased to around 10,000 startup students after graduation.

With so much of the government support and living in a digital world it is easier for students to be a startup and secondly the financial crisis of becoming part of any corporation has dulled down resulting in student to become an entrepreneur.

According to a survey 60% of the students are now running a business and majority of them are working in the field of tech-based businesses and some other priority sectors are arts and textile industry.

Authorities are so much of the view that student entrepreneur plays a vital role in the shaping the economy of UK and they will help a lot in doing so in future.   

So, if you are a college or university student, you should not be afraid of failure, rather spend time on finding the best business to start in UK and have a solid business plan. Try offering the great value for great price and you will find a direction.