3 Tips to Market Your Cleaning Business Without Money

If you know how to start a cleaning business and looking to invest in this business but its success is one of the main concerns for you; well you don’t have to worry about it as if you market your business well and provide the best services to your patrons your business will definitely prosper.

It doesn’t matter whether you are providing maid services, carpet cleaning, janitorial services or any other if you follow below mentioned marketing tactics, you can stand out of your competitors.

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Now, let’s check out the basics of marketing your cleaning business when you have low budget or literally have no money!

1- Market on your own:

The best marketing is that you do on your own; you can go to your nearby real estate offices, construction sites or even can go door to door and can tell about your cleaning business along with your business card or flyer advertising your services. In this way you will start getting customers from within your marketed area. It is considered as one of the old marketing tactic but trust me it is the most effective one.

Do check out this resource for more ideas: https://fundbox.com/blog/8-surefire-ways-grow-your-cleaning-business/

2- Advertise online:

As the technology is moving really fast and internet is considered as the best source of marketing, so you can market your cleaning business via Google Adwords or can even promote your business on social media portals like Facebook, Instagram etc. It is free of cost and can be a big winner for your business. This method may be little slow, but will give you a plenty of business in the long run.

3- Join a networking group:

You can join a networking group by doing a little effort and finding some in your area that have the most small business owners in it. These groups will be more effective for you than you think. As you will get in touch with plenty of new people and may be some of them need your services or any other within their circle might be looking for cleaning services.

Hope so these tactics can be useful for your cleaning business.

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