3 Best Promotion & Advertising Ideas for a Cleaning Business with Low Marketing Budget

Finding a profitable cleaning cleaning business niche is your first step to success, but your success may not happen without effective advertising, targeted promotion and well thought marketing plan. If you are concerned about the limited budget, you must know that it cannot stop you from achieving the success that you want, because there are multiple marketing and promotion methods that do not require a heavy investment.

This article will discuss the top three low cost marketing ideas to effectively promote and advertise your cleaning business. Whether you are providing a maid services in residential areas, or running a carpet cleaning, janitorial services, or any other type of commercial cleaning business, these three marketing ideas should work equally well for all type of cleaning businesses.

Let’s get started and explore what can be done with a limited marketing budget.

1- Consider Self Served Offline Marketing

One of the best local marketing techniques is to meet people in person and tell them about your business on your own. You can get some marketing materials ready, i.e. pamphlets and promotional flyers and go to your nearby offices, busy spots in the city, shopping malls or even door to door and spread the word about your business and what great offers you are currently running.

Though an old school marketing technique, flyer distribution still works wonders and can get you targeted customers in limited time. 

Of course, you cannot be available to do this all the time, so you may want to partner up with a local grocery store to sponsor a page in their weekly promotions booklet, or have your pamphlets available with a few dry cleaners.

2- Advertise Online

As technology is moving really fast and the internet is considered as one of the best marketing mediums, you must explore the low cost online advertising options too. There are tens of ways businesses are using internet to generate leads, i.e. search engine optimization, search marketing, social media marketing, email marketing and so on. Google Ads and Facebook ads are, however, the most popular techniques that almost every layman knows about.

Well, other than Facebook Ads and Google Adwords, there are a lot of cheaper ways to spread the word about your business to a bigger audience for relatively lower cost. For instance, you can advertise your promotions in highly active local Facebook groups, or hire a local influencer to talk about your business.

Alternatively, you might want to grab potential customers’ attention by holding some contests on your Social Media pages. 

3- Network Strategically

Another way is to get connected with the decision makers in your area of operation over professional networking sites like LinkedIn and pitch them your service. 

Strategic partnerships with local businesses can also open a lot of doors. For instance, getting connected to an organization that deals with multiple F&B outlets can make you a potential service provider for commercial kitchen cleaning. 

Always have your business cards with you and drop them with every important person you meet; let it be a wedding event, or a local charity function, your business card should travel everywhere.

The Bottom Line:

Marketing any business on a low budget and with limited resources can be challenging, and so is the case with a cleaning business. However, with a well thought marketing plan and through analysis of your target market, you can reach more customers with a limited budget.

3 Best Promotion & Advertising Ideas for a Cleaning Business with Low Marketing Budget
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