What Should You Have Ready Before Launching a TV Campaign?

Surprisingly, TV advertising still remains the game changer in UK; probably because the linear TV (watched live rather than on-demand) has influential figures, i.e. 80% of the total viewing figures.

So, if you are a small business startup with a certain advertising budget, TV advertising might be one of your choices, and in fact effective marketing strategies for startups do include this when their budget allows.

Those who think TV ads are expensive than Google Adwords, let me tell you that the cost per visit, cost per acquisition, and other metrics are a lot less than Adwords.

And, if you have been thinking that it needs hundreds of thousands of pounds, it can actually be tested with as low as £30,000 to see if it works for you over three to four weeks and gauge what does and doesn’t work.

So, whenever you feel that your startup or small business is ready to invest in TV advertising, you must make sure you make most out of it and to do so you should have a few things streamlined.

  • For a successful TV campaign, it’s critical you have the infrastructure in place to support a bigger marketing push, i.e. fully functional website and an efficient customer support team.
  • Since, the TV campaign is going to bring huge traffic instantly, you must have your website hosted on state of the art server which can take the load efficiently and doesn’t crash.
  • Since, it’s going to bring lot of relevant and non-relevant queries, make sure that your call centre staff is highly trained and ready to take inbound enquiries at best.

Yes, TV advertising is highly effective, but you must go for it only when you’re ready with infrastructure and have good advertising budget!

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