Starting an Online Marketing Company in UK: a Quick Overview

Hundreds of new startups are launched every day, and one thing that all of them crucially need is online marketing. The better online marketing a startup will do, the faster it should grow.

In fact, online marketing has become a lifeline of any new business, because it reaches target audience faster and in more persuasive way than any other medium. The Internet marketing services industry is growing rapidly in the UK and demand is expected to remain strong indefinitely.

UK being the hub of tech as well as non-tech startups has thousands of opportunities for enthusiastic marketers. So, even if you’re an online marketing expert with one year of experience, you can start your own online marketing company. With almost the same effort that you do for an employer, you can earn double or more of the amount that you earn from the job.

This article will list some resources for you to start your online marketing company in London, anywhere else in the UK, or even from home.

To start an online marketing company you must have solid understanding of and experience marketing and copywriting in general, as well as specific online marketing tactics. Start with this guide on how to start an online marketing company.

Finding initial clients may be a challenge, as it is with any business. So, you may start with local companies looking for SEO services. For examples, go to job search sites like and see which companies are looking for online marketing services. Draft a pitch and contact them via their company website or phone. You may also want to check freelance websites to take small projects. Get connected to CEOs over Linkedin and pitch them.

As your business grows, demand may also create a need to hire subcontractors or employees or train interns, so keep theis growth factor in mind, right from the beginning.

Like any home business, you are responsible for paying your own taxes, securing your own health insurance, etc, so make sure your business comply with all rules and regulations.

Last but not least, be part of local meetups like and to meet new people, learn new things and above all to increase the chances of getting more leads.

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