Checklist for Starting a Micro or Small Business in the UK

UK being one of the most developed regions for doing business has a lot of opportunities for small business entrepreneurs, however, starting a business in the UK is equally challenging as it can be anywhere else in the world.

Moreover, the challenges for small businesses and startups are constantly diversifying, so you cannot even generalize the challenges to develop some hard and fast rules to become successful. However, there are some best practices that can help in minimizing the risks and so you can increase chances of success.

Here’s my quick checklist for those who want to start a small or micro business in the UK.


  1.   Your Business Idea must be creating some value: Check these low cost UK small business ideas that actually work there.
  2.     Check your ideal company name is available
  3.     Get a loan to start a business if you do not have any funds. Borrow up to £25000 with .
  4.     Get your business cards.
  5.     Look for crowdfunding your business.
  6.     Compare business insurance quotes and get one.
  7.     Get a custom designed business logo and get your website done!
  8.     Get a low cost business bank account.
  9.     Trading overseas? Protect yourself from shifting exchange rates.

I hope the list is helpful for all new entrepreneurs!

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