Big List of UK Small Business & Startup Grants & Loans

Monetary requirements are inevitable for starting any business; after all you need some money to make money. Using your savings and borrowing from friends and family is the most convenient way for most of first time entrepreneurs, but when the funding requirement exceeds the capacity of friends and family, you do need some authentic and more reliable source of funding for your business.  Government grants in that case are highly trusted and most feasible option.

Well, if you’re really enthusiastic to start your own business, and have couple of really valuable small business ideas, you can surely generate huge funding for faster growth. And here’s the list of government grants for small business owners and startups in the UK:

UK Government Startup Loans: for people looking to start or grow a business. Available in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Start-up Loans: a UK Government-funded scheme.

The Small Business Research Initiative (SBRI) is a well-established process to connect public sector challenges with innovative ideas from industry, supporting companies to generate economic growth and enabling improvement in achieving government objectives.

Business is Great Britain; UK Government’s funding and support for new ideas.

Kent and Medway Business Fund: 0% loans between £50,000 and £500,000 for small and medium sized businesses in Kent.

Wandsworth Business Loan Fund: A funding option for borough’s small and medium-sized businesses, especially those turned down by mainstream providers such as banks.

Winchester Business Grants: A one-off grant to help with the start-up or development of micro-businesses in the Winchester District.

Better Business Finance: brings a wide range of finance providers across Britain into one place.


As a startup or small business owner, you must not just reply on government grants and also look for low cost loans. This is mainly because, at times you need funding in urgency and a government grant will take its time. So, in parallel you can go for another option. Here are some of the most trusted and highly valuable resources and loan options for all your brilliant startups ideas for UK.

Funding Circle: Simple and affordable business loans.

British Business Bank: works with over 80 finance partners to unlock finance for smaller businesses.

Creative England: supports digital creative companies through the provision of interest-free business loans

Fredericks Foundation: runs a microloan fund for people who are starting or expanding businesses

South West Investment Group: a not-for-profit organisation supporting small and medium sized businesses.

UK Life Sciences: list of funding opportunities for science, engineering and manufacturing activities available to the health life sciences industry including bio-pharmaceuticals; medical biotechnology; or medical technologies (devices and diagnostics).

Growth Resourcing Associates Ltd: an interactive grant research and a confidential advisory service to those companies who may wish to seek supplementary UK Government grants and/or other funding assistance for their qualifying investment projects.

GRANTfinder: a grants and policy database and includes details in excess of 8,000 funding opportunities. a non-profit in partnership with the government, the social sector and the financial community to find better ways of tackling social problems in the UK and beyond.

FundMap: navigator for grants and funding available to businesses in the UK technology sector.


I hope, this list helps you build better business in the UK. The list will be updated frequently, as we find some more resources.

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