Basics of Email Personalization for Better ROI on Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the evergreen marketing strategies for almost every other B2B and B2C brand, but it must be done rightly in order to produce outstanding results. Lately, I discussed best B2B lead generation companies in the UK, but I also mentioned the fact that no one else can generate better leads for your business than your own self because you know your business model more than anyone else.

The same kind of principle applies to doing email marketing the right way. You may find a lot of best email marketing services for small business, but it works best when you are personally involved in sending out the emails and send them the only material that they are interested in.

Email marketing best produces results when your emails speak to people as if you’re personally speaking to them about what they want to know. And to be successful in email marketing, you need to segment and personalize your campaigns for those on your email list.

Remember that only certain members may want to subscribe for offers while others want to read every update you send, even if it’s a few times a week. So, you must give them the options.

You can offer personalization on following two stages:

Offer Personalization at Sign Up: It’s great to give people options for what kind of emails they want to receive and be very clear about how often they will be receiving them. You just need to modify your signup page a bit and allow the user to specify these preferences during sign up. This helps developing an effective email list while the user understands what exactly they are agreeing to.

Offer Personalization on an Attempt to Unsubscribe: Many times, the subscribers discontinue just because the emails that you are sending do not have what they are not interested in. Take advantage of this and when someone tries to unsubscribe, just give them the opportunity to personalize their experience and select the type of emails that they want to receive. This can potentially halt that unsubscribe.

I am sure, you’re going to use these basics to optimize your small business email marketing process. To learn more about optimizing your unsubscribe process you can follow a detailed guide here.

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