3 Best Low Cost Small Business Ideas for Small Towns

Do you live in a village or small town? It sounds so tough to live in village, rural area or a small town because you have to deal with number of problems. But where ever there is any problem there is a business opportunity. So, when we talk about starting a business in a small town or village, you come with as much opportunities as you can find in any other big city.

So, living in a village or small town is not an issue, don’t just run away from your problems over there, these are actually the business opportunities for you.

Business opportunities may vary from place to place as every town has different problems and you have to come up with an idea to overcome these problems. I have come up with few ideas, but you can always find more in this big list of small business ideas for small towns, that can be started in any small town or village.

So, give a read to my list and make up your mind to opt the best one that suits your capabilities and area of interest.

1- Electronics / Mobile repairing:

Majority of the small town and village inhabitants avoid buying new stuff and they mostly go for the repairing of the old device they have. Now as the mobile business is in huge demand and starting a mobile phone repairing business can be a lucrative one for you. You can also start repairing other electronic devices along with the mobiles.

2- Home tuition:

Students in small towns and villages have to travel a long distance in case they have difficulty in any subject. If they find a good tutor in their area will not only save their time but money as well.  If you have some good grip over various subjects and want to earn some money then this is the business for you.

3- Catering Business:

No event is complete without catering, if there is any function either a wedding ceremony of religious gathering or a personal gathering everyone needs catering to complete their event. It doesn’t matter if it is a small town or village events take place and you can get a good business.

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