3 Best Low Cost Business Ideas for Women in Big Cities

If you are single mom or a woman who wants to support her family by doing a business, here you can find some best business ideas to make your wish come true. Honestly, it doesn’t matter if you are men or women when it comes to business; it just needs your devotion and hard work to get success.

Despite the gender equality and equal opportunities, still there are some businesses that suits women more. Well, it has nothing to do with the social stereotypes, rather, it is the fact that some businesses can be best done by women only.

So, we will try to focus on mainly those businesses that are more suitable for women, especially the business ideas for women in the big cities. Let’s have a quick look:

1- Beauty Salon / makeup artist

If you are a fashion geek who loves beauty and knows how to make others look beautiful then this might be the best business idea for you if you are residing in a big city thou you can also start work in small towns but that might not be more lucrative as compared to the big city, as most of the fashion and entertainment industries work in cities that increase chances of getting more work and you can join them also as a makeup artist.

2- Babysitter:

It is also a good business idea for women to work as babysitter as they are good at dealing with kids. You can do a babysitter course to deal with emergency situations and you do not necessarily go to an institution for such a course. You can do it online as well. If you provide kids with good and entertaining services, you will definitely start getting good customers. But you have to take very good care of kids to get success in this business.

Ideally you can start small and once it starts growing you should move yourself to management and hire staff for services.

3- Small bakery / customized cupcakes:

If you are good at baking and know how to make most of the bakery items you can start this business. You can start up with a small bakery even at your home and start selling your items to other bakeries. But you have to take care of the cleanliness rules as executed by the authorities or else you have to end up this business soon.

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