10 Ideas to Get Better Results in Trade Shows

“An outstanding Trade Show Booth” is big investment both in terms of money as well as time. It depends on you that you may spend on luxurious booth or just a disposable booth that can be used once, but the thing is not to just use the best material but mainly right planning is required to engage most customers.

The effectiveness of trade show mainly depends on planning, accurate stats, precise marketing strategy and analysis before event organizing.

Have a look at some ideas for your trade show to make it more effective and prominent.

  • Location: invest some extra bucks to set your booth at the prime location of the exhibition.
  • Booth Decoration: customers get more attracted to well decorate booths, so add some attractive colors and good interior will make you stand out of the others.
  • Better display: after decoration, next thing is to make banners, signs and display stands, outdoor & event tent displays, hanging headers etc.
  • Approachable booth: your booth staff must be roaming around in the exhibition with your flyers and guiding people to your booth.
  • Q&A: a dedicated staff must be available at the booth to answer question of customers.
  • Entertainer: an entertainer like singer, joker and model will make it more prominent.
  • Free Gifts: organize some small event at your booth and give away some free gifts with a business logo of yours.
  • Snacks/Drinks: offer some free snacks / drinks to the tired attendees that will make you remember them. Make sure to give snacks / drinks are aligned with your company theme.
  • Demo: a short live demo informative video about your company and products will be more valuable for the audience. So, it’s much better to entertain your audience with live demo.
  • Social media plan: sync your social media plan with your booth show marketing strategies.

Hope those ideas will help to make your trade show more interesting and will help you to attract more attendees.

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